6 affordable ways to say "I Love You"

6 affordable ways to say "I Love You"

/ Post by Jasmine Nguyen

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There are many misconceptions about Valentine's day and one of them is "Valentine's day has to be something luxirious". However, that's not necessarily true.

Of course, there are people who celebrate their Valentine's day very big together but there are some who just want to spend some personal and quite time with their other half.

So, you don't have to organize a fancy dinner date with roses and candles or give high-end gifts. There is no need to use the entire month’s pay to get a gift for your loved one. What matters most is the thought behind the gift and most times just being a little creative and original beats buying an expensive gift.

Cheaper gift doesn't mean you don't love them as much because these gifts here are all affordable (under $30) but still have a deep meaning and can covey your personal message to your loved one this Valentine's day.

1. Thank God for letting me meet you

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If "I love you" is too simple to express your feeling this Valentine's day, how about "God gave me you"? You don't even need to say it out loud, this wooden sign can do it instead. 

A simple "God gave me you" wooden sign with the names of you and your loved one engraved sure is gonna be one of a kind gift you can give her. The "God gave me you" quote can deliver your message "Thank God for letting me meet you" to your other half immediately.

The gift can also be a wooden decoration or Valentine's day tiered tray decor which will last for a long time, just like the longevity of your love.

2. I'm grateful for the love journey we've been through together

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Some people don't like lots of fuss on Valentine but still want to appreciate a thoughtful sentiment. So how about together, you guys can make a scrapbook custom.

Instead of giving an expensive gift, you can remember and capture the journey you guys have as a couple into a simple book then read it again in the future. 'Cause you know: "You are 30 and will be 40, 50... but never 30 again".

So, together, write down your love story at 30 and look back when you grow older with each other. You won't need to struggle with "How to make a scrapbook" or find the idea for Valentine scrapbook because we have your back! Everything you need is on this custom scrapbook.

3. To me, you are always beautiful no matter what you do

Canvas makeup bag, canvas cosmetic bag, cotton makeup bag, canvas pouch

You never stop complimenting your women on how beautiful she is even in the morning without make-up. But they never seem to believe it or maybe they just love to wear make-up.

Either ways, she will always look stunning in your eyes. So, you can give her this Canvas makeup bag with your own hidden message. It's a subtle way to remind her "Carry this make up bag with you and remember me everytime you read the message inside: it's what my heart wants to tell you".

4. Hand-written letter/card

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Nowadays, we literally live with technology: phones, laptops and social media. But there’s an impact that can only be made through a handwritten note, not with digital. A handwritten letter/card is an excellent way to show someone you care about them. The process of writing something down in cursive. Also, the feelings you convey through handwritten letter are more authentic.

While message or emails can easily be deleted with a click but letters/cards are not. They will last longer, can be kept as a keepsake and you will always feel nostalgia everytime you read it.

So, you and your loved one can have a valentine card exchange, even a Valentine's day pre-printed mass-produced card with a simple handwritten message like "Happy valentine's day my husband" will do. Or if you want to heat up your love for a little bit, you can try something naughtier like naughty valentines day card . I'm sure it will bring a smile to your other half.

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5. I can't live without you

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If you are not the type of person who says much and prefer action, but still want to express your partner how much you love them. This Custom photo puzzle can help you speak your heart's words.

You may have a milion reasons to love them but these 12 reasons are what made you fell in love hard: their messy hair in the morning, the way she/he looks when they are mad at you,...

These 12 reasons are not just simple as why you fell in love hard but the real meaning is why you can't live without them.

6. I want to hug you tight 'till my last day

No matter how much you love and stay close to them, there will be time you need to go away for some time, like go on a business trip. So, you might want to send them some virtual hugs with this Personalized Crochet Pocket Hug Heart .

Valentine's day crochet has been a thing for a long time because of its durability, creativity and affordable price. Also, they are easy to make with simple instructions. However, our crochet pocket heart will have something more speial than normal crochet: they will have your own personalized message to your loved one.

Everytime they go far away, they just need to open their pockets and touch this crochet hearts to feel like you are giving them a warm hug.

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