Easy way to throw a spooktacular kids Halloween party

Easy way to throw a spooktacular kids Halloween party

/ Post by Jasmine Nguyen

Witches are polishing their broomsticks and vampires are dusting off their cloaks, Halloween party season is around the corner and I can already hear the screams and wails! Not from the ghosts and ghouls but from the parents super stressed trying to throw a Spooktacular Kids Halloween party while keeping their sanity and not breaking the bank!
We have listed some easy-peasy Halloween party ideas for kids to help you throw an eerie & enjoyable Halloween party that involves a theme, music, food, DIY Halloween games and a lot more!

There are three main things to think about when hosting a kids Halloween party:

  • Decorations
  • Entertainment
  • Food.

1. Decoration - Theme it out

Picking the perfect Halloween theme can be complicated. There are so many factors to consider like location, space size, kid-friendliness, etc.
Whichever theme you choose, make sure that you stick with it for other elements as well like food, music, and decorations. Make sure to go all-in with the theme. 
Some of the best Halloween theme ideas are:

  • Scavenger Hunt¬†
  • Horror Movie Night¬†
  • House Decorating Party¬†
  • Candy Making Party¬†
  • Halloween Dance Party¬†
  • Zombie Prom¬†
  • Haunted House Party¬†
  • Hocus Pocus Night¬†

2. Entertainment - DIY Halloween party games 

While there are many Halloween games for kids, DIY games work best because they bring parents and children together, along with being super budget-friendly and are a great way for parents to bond with their children. Make sure to include games that suit your theme. And, make sure to have a gala time! 

Halloween I Spy Game

All you have to do is create a sheet of paper and list different things associated with Halloween on it. Ask your kids to tick off all the things they see as they step out for trick or treat on Halloween night!

Download and print this awesome I Spy image below:


SPOOKY Halloween Playdough



Why not try to make some spooky toys yourself  for some scented Halloween fun. Once you have your playdough made or bought it’s time for some fun activities. These SPOOKY Halloween Playdough Stamps will help you create so many mementos with your toddlers.

Make a Haunted House all by yourself

Help your kid to create a spooky haunted house with our Wooden Haunted House Kit. Whether your kids have a love of construction, architecture, or design, this craft kit is perfect to exercise ghostly creative muscles.



Halloween Coloring


Kids love to collaborate and share their ideas. Coloring as a group helps even the shyest kids to feel comfortable.

I am sure that you are considering coloring projects for statues or drawings. But this is the unique, creative and economical thing for your party. A pumpkin and jack-o-lantern themed coloring table runner is the secret sauce for a stress-free party. It's been a popular choice for the kids table at Fall weddings.


Have fun making your own Halloween Party Decoration and Costumes


Celebrate a handmade Halloween with spooky arts and crafts supplies for kids. Our Halloween Craft Party is ready to be turned into ghostly, masks, gifts, and garlands to get your little one excited for trick-or-treating.



3. Food - Keep Snacks Simple


Kids will get a total kick out of these open-face bologna-and-cheese sandwiches. And they're a cinch to make: Use small cookie cutters to create the cheesy faces. A basil leaf and bread-crust stem complete the pumpkin-shaped snack. Do them ahead or let this be an activity for the kids to do at the party.


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