What his Valentine gifting style really means

What his Valentine gifting style really means

/ Post by Jasmine Nguyen

What his Valentine gifting style really means

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With Valentine's Day fast approaching, our ladies will be showered with gifts from their other half. Some of those might be expensive or impressive.

However, most women agree it’s not the amount of money that their husbands/boyfriends spend, "it’s the thought that counts" (what important is the kindness and love that he put into buying a meaningful gift).

But some of gifts might be unexpected and you will find youself confused with the meaning of the gifts. Worry no more, we are here to decipher the meaning behinds those gifts and show you your husbands'/boyfriends' good intentions.

1. A cooking class

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What it doesn’t mean: He thinks your skills are lacking.

What it does mean: He wants to nurture your creative side.

Perhaps he’s seen you whip up new concoctions in your high-speed blender or slow-cooker and suspects you’d thrive with a little more know-how.

“He could be envisioning how to prepare interesting, desirable new meals for the two of you or for your entire family to enjoy together,” says Jane Greer, Ph.D., a marriage and family therapist in New York City.

2. Custom Canvas Makeup Bag with hidden message

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What it doesn't mean: He thinks you need to wear make-up more often.

What it doesn mean: He knows you love make-up.

He understand how much you love make-up eventhough you look gorgeus without it. But there is one thing he wants you to know: He loves you all the ways, so carry this make up bag with you and remember him everytime you read the message inside: it's what his heart wants to tell you.

3. 12 Reason Why I Love You Valentine Puzzles

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What it doesn't mean: He only has 12 reasons to love you.

What it does mean: These 12 reasons make him fall in love even harder.

He may have a milion reasons to love you but these 12 reasons may be what made him fell in love hard: your messy hair in the morning, the way you look when you're mad at him,... All those simple reasons make you love them even harder.

This custom photo puzzle also carries a message from him "12 reasons why I can't live without you".

4. A gym membership

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What it doesn’t mean: He thinks you’re fat.

What it does mean: He’s been listening to you.

Perhaps your chatter about struggling to zip your jeans and feeling constantly lethargic isn’t just background noise after all. A gym membership could be the incentive you need to kick-start what you already know you want to be doing.

“If he hears you constantly talking about needing to lose weight, he might see the gym as the fastest way for you to get to your desired goal—try not to take it personally, because he isn't,” says Rev. Christopher L. Smith, a marriage and family counselor in New York City.

5. Wooden decision coin

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What it doesn't mean: He says you are so indecisive.

What it does mean: You don't have to choose anymore, the coin will.

Maybe you and he are constantly bickering over who's turn it is to do the dishes? Or maybe who gets to choose what to have for dinner? So he only wants to take the difficulty out of decision making with this coin.

Each side of this wooden coin can be engraved with your couple's names. These cute coins also come with a A7 Kraft gift note and a Secret Valentine card that he'll write down his own message for you on it.

6. Leather smart watch bands

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What it doesn't mean: He wants to say that you're always late on the dates.

What it does mean: He cares about your health and sends you a message.

These days, your health is all he worrires about. He is so relieved that now you have a smart watch, so he can always keep your health in check. He bought this custom leather watch band so it can better suit your style and you can wear it more comfortably.

Now every time you look at your watch, remember that he'll always stay by your side and support you with all he has.

7. An XBOX

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What it doesn’t mean: He wanted one for himself.

What it does mean: He wants the family to play together.

It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that he stood in line for a gaming system so he could tune out the household drama and play "Call of Duty" all night, but there are plenty of interactive multiplayer games that can keep your whole brood gathered in the living room, rather than swiping on your phones in distant corners of the house.

8. Keychains

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What it doesn't mean: You are always absent-minded that you lost you keys often.

What it doesn mean: This special keychain can help you to miss me less when we're far away.

There are time you and he need to go on business trip or too busy to have a date in such a long time. So he gives you these special leather photo keychain so everytime you guys miss each other, just open this keychain.

It also has a deeper meaning that he will always support and stay by your side no matter what.

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