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Santa Claus is nearly coming to town. It's more crucial than ever to have a few kid-friendly indoor activities under your sleeve with Christmas just around the corner. We have 3 easy projects that are jam-packed with holiday joy if you're prepared to raid the kitchen cabinet and pull out a few art supplies.

All of them are cost-effective, and the majority may be made by kids with minimal guidance. Of course, the parents may want to participate as well if it seems like such fun!


I truly appreciate how distinctive our weaved Christmas tree craft looks. Additionally, weaving with paper helps kids exercise their fine motor skills and improve their eye-hand coordination as well as stand out when finished.

Supplies needed to make a woven Christmas tree include

  • Contrasting green cardstock or construction paper
  • Construction paper in brown and yellow
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Masking tape
  • Sequins, dot stickers, glitter, tissue paper, and other optional accessories.

Step-by-step Instructions to make a Woven Christmas Tree

  • Vertically fold one piece of green construction paper in half. Slits of one inch should be made down the folded center. 
  • To create paper strips that are the same height as your vertical paper with slits, cut your contrasting green paper into one-inch strips vertically.
  • Thread the strips through the paper slits.
  • To make a triangle tree shape on your woven paper, cut off strips of masking tape. When cutting, this tape will keep the strips in place.
  • Use your masking tape to cut out your tree by cutting straight along the middle of each piece.
  • Turn your tree so the front is facing up. Glue any ends down that are insecure
  • Make a star out of the yellow construction paper, then attach it to the top of your tree with adhesive.
  • Cut out a brown rectangle, then glue it to the base of your tree to create a trunk. 
  • You can optionally decorate your tree with additional ornaments like sequins, miniature tissue paper balls, or stickers.



An excellent Christmas craft for young children is a salt dough Santa handprint ornament. One of the most lovely handcrafted first Christmas ornaments is Father Christmas' handprint! Children develop so quickly, so it's wonderful to get a lasting photo of their tiny hands as a memory of how small they once were. What a great way to accomplish this is by making salt dough ornaments!

Supplies needed to make a Santa Claus dough handprint ornament:

  • Cardstock in white (sturdier than paper to make it a card)
  • Paint to decorate Santa's face.
  • Glittery eyes
  • A tiny red pom-pom.
  • Cotton Balls
  • Glue, which we used to adhere to the pom-poms because they can be difficult to adhere with conventional glue.
  • Red and white felt

Step-by-step Instructions to make a Santa Claus dough handprint ornament:

  • Fold the white cardstock in half, then place the wrist of your hand on the folded portion.
  • Then, when cutting, curve in slightly at the top, where the folding is, to create your handprint.
  • The Santa handprint's face should now be painted in the center.
  • To determine the size for the hat, trace the top of your palm onto the red felt. Attach the felt with glue on the handprint's top. The red felt top should be trimmed and rounded so that it resembles a hat more.
  • Santa's hat's brim is made of white felt, which is cut out and glued on top of the red felt.
  • Afterward, attach a huge white pom-pom at the end of the hat
  • Your tiny googly eyes and pom-pom for the nose should be adhered.
  • Your cotton balls can be used to create Santa's beard and hat brim. Before adhering the cotton balls, stretch them out, then apply glue to Santa's hat's brim and fingers.
  • Now type your holiday greeting inside! Additionally, you can compose or write a poem to be placed inside the card.



Snowman is also a symbol of Christmas. The greatest place to construct snowmen is outside in the snow, but if there isn't any (or if it's just too cold), our lesson will show you how to make a paper snowman project that is just as enjoyable.

Supplies needed to make a Paper snowman craft:

  • White, black, orange, brown paper
  • Colored cardstock for background
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black marker

Step-by-step Instructions to make a Paper snowman craft:

  • Making three paper rolls, take the three white paper strips and glue the ends together.
  • Once the glue has had time to dry, add glue to one of the bigger paper rolls and adhere it to the foundation paper.
  • Apply adhesive to the second huge roll and place it on top of the first.
  • Use the smaller white paper roll in the same way.
  • Take the black half-circle next, and glue one side of it.
  • Attach the half circle to the snowman's head (the smallest of the 3 paper rolls).
  • Make a paper roll out of the black paper strip that you are using (glue the ends together).
  • If you want to embellish it, wrap the black paper roll in the (blue) thin strip of paper (at the bottom).
  • The paper roll should be adhered to the card right above the black half circle using glue.
  • The brown paper branches should have some glue added to the ends so that they can be adhered to the snowman.
  • Use a black marker to draw the buttons, mouth, and eyes (or other marker if you want the buttons to be colorful).
  • The orange triangle should have some adhesive on it before being adhered to the snowman.


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