A Gift For Every Type Of Man

A Gift For Every Type Of Man

/ Post by Jasmine Nguyen


a gift for every type of man

You want to buy a gift for your husband, your lover, or your dad but he's said he doesn't want anything? It’s okay, we are here to help you with our ultimate guide to man gifting. 

Are men really as simple as they said? Every man is unique and different in many way: some are into sports, some love technology, some drink while some travel, some have beard and some don't...
Fortunately, we have a huge range of gifts to fit whatever type your guy falls in. Here's a gift for every type of man:

1. Man who's into technology

Buying gift for a techie can be a headache sometimes. You can't never understand what's the difference between Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7, PS5 Digital and PS5 Standard ,... Furthermore, there's the risk of buying something they don't really want, not to mentions the price tags too! 

Most men nowaday wear a smartwatch such as Apple watch or Samsung watch as useful digital device and also as a classy fashion accessory. Check out this Custom Leather Apple Watch Band! A classic makeover for your man's smartwatch and a gift to show that you care about his hobby and style.

Custom Leather Apple Watch Band

2. Man who loves music

This vinyl record style Custom Song Plaque Light is the perfect gift for a music lover. It's a beautiful and romantic valentine pick with your favorite song and moment together.

This contemporary light will softly fill the room with a warm white glow from the LED light base creating a soft, intimate atmosphere, this will help him feel relaxed and safe at bedtime and fall asleep quickly.

 Personalized Song Plaque Light

If he's a guitar player, this Custom Guitar Pick Case is the gift for him for February love month. These handmade guitar picks are hand filed with a wood rasp, hand sanded, and hand polished to give it feel and flexibility to stand on your expectation while playing guitar. It's the best way to show how much you appreciate his hobby and talent with music.

Guitar Pick Case - Valentine's Day Gift

3. Man who travels a lot

If he's someone who travels a lot, either because of business or just his lifestyle, there will be times when he really miss you and family. For time like that, something like this Leather Keychain Photo Album would mean the world to him. It's a custom leather keychain with your sweetest memories together to remind him that he's always loved and missed.

Custom Keychain Photo Album - Keychain Scrapbook For Valentine's Day

4. Man who drinks

Drinking is not just a hobby but a lifestyle! Gifting a six-pack or a bottle of fine liquor may be a comfortable, no-brainer option for them, but on many occasions, it comes off as a lazy and shallow option. 

This Personalized Champagne Cork Holder is a fun combination of drinking and celebrating special days. It's a custom wall hanging keepsake that you guys would love to finish together.

Personalized Champagne Cork Holder

5. For a car lover

Some guys are always with his car. They care for their car so much it makes you wonder do they love their car even more than you. The truth is cars provide men with a space of freedom, comfort, and control where they can be at peace. For some, the car is also an object of their pride, that's why they care so much.

A gift for car lover that we recommend is this Custom Picture Air Freshener. A perfect way to prominently display your loved one's photo but also bring the scent you want. They make great gifts for any occasion, and are the perfect way to accessorize his vehicle! 

 Custom Picture Air Freshener .

6. For a romantic guy

To buy gift a romantic guy, a personalized gift is the way to go. This Custom Photo 3D Lamp here can help you get through those nights without him or be a gift to your love to get HIM through nights without you. In either ways, you guys will forever be next to each other with the best moments in your love journey imprinted on the 3D photo lamp.

Custom Photo 3D Lamp

7. For Dad

Dad is the first man in your life and he deserves only the best gift in the world. Maybe you are not the type of person who says much, you prefer action. That's why you can't tell your dad how much you love him by words. So we have this Custom photo puzzle to help you speak your heart's words. You may have a milion reasons to love him but these 12 reasons are why he holds a special place in your heart ❤️

12 Reason Why I Love You Valentine Puzzles

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