Best 2022 Halloween Handprint & Footprint Craft Idea

Best 2022 Halloween Handprint & Footprint Craft Idea

/ Post by Jasmine Nguyen

Have you got any ideas for organizing family activities this festive season? If not, then you definitely cannot skip this article. This is the most loved and most popular activity of the Halloween 2022 season.

The materials to make this activity for free are shared at the end of the post, so remember to read it all.


Create fun decorative boards with your kids' handprint & footprint

My kids and I frequently decorate the house for Halloween each year together. When the festival arrives, it turns into the most enjoyable and thrilling time. Even more enjoyable if you participate in the neighborhood Trick or Treat event. Have you ever tried it? If you haven't, try it this year. Very simple and enjoyable.


What you need

  • A lovely baby
  • Your favorite watercolor 
  • A durable canvas frame or wooden frame, which keeps your work of art last forever.
  • A Halloween themed painting you can get under.

What's your result?


The unique paintings are not only beautiful but also a memento of the timestamp of your children. Believe me, nothing makes kids more excited than watercolor.

If you're looking for something more durable that you can use and store year after year, check it out here and here too.

Check out these great DIY products to increase parent-child time this Halloween season here.


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