5 of the Funniest Reactions Men Have Had to Becoming Fathers

5 of the Funniest Reactions Men Have Had to Becoming Fathers

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Poor fathers. It's not fair that we women love to surprise guys with the news of an upcoming baby, generally in public with a camera to 'record the occasion.'

We find out about our pregnancies in secret, where we may silently come to terms with the reality of the situation and have time to think about it before telling the rest of the world. That time to ourselves is a true luxury—one that many fathers do not have. Their emotion is genuine. The raw sensation of finding that your life is about to be completely altered, that you are about to bring a kid into the world, is astonishing.

Overwhelmed By Joy

This father seemed to have realized all of his ambitions and hopes of having a mini-me. He is overjoyed to be a father to a lucky little baby, and I'm sure that enthusiasm will get him through some of the more difficult parenting situations, such as lice or your child vomiting up on a plane. Why are you asking whether it happened to me?

You couldn't persuade this father not to have a child. He's just too thrilled; no matter what unpleasant events await him, he appears to be approaching them all with the eagerness of a father seeking his kid.

The WTF Reaction

The WTF reaction differs from the shock reaction in that I believe this father is just like, "WTF? Why didn't you let me know sooner?" I can't tell if this father is afraid, happy, joyful, or simply irritated because his wife didn't inform him sooner. In any case, this statement is amusing since we've all been in the situation where we don't know what to do or say. Should I yell? Can you jump up and down? Do I weep myself into a ball?

Don't be worried, Dad. We will not make judgement. You do you, and whatever reaction seems natural to you. We are very delighted for you, and please know that we have all been there!

Incomprehension: Excuse Me, What Did You Just Say?


Dad frequently struggles to comprehend the news that he is soon to become a father. His mind goes completely blank. His eyes glaze over, and he looks at you with a vacant expression, as if you had informed him a kid was going to come out of a pimple on your forehead.

The 'I'm Not Sure How To React' Reaction

What exactly is inside this box, and what does it mean? I'm not dismissing this father's intelligence; he's reacting slowly because he's never seen shoes that fit an elf before. It takes some time to know the meaning of little shoes in a box and a photograph that, let's be honest, doesn't appear much clearer than TV static. 

Dad's In Shock

This dad's face is priceless. Unlike our previous father, who didn't quite grasp the situation, this dad sees the picture only too clearly. He just can't accept it. Have you ever been in shock before? Strange feeling: like things around you can't possibly be true, or you are in a dream, or people are acting like they are crazy. What do you mean we are having a baby? I hear the words that are coming out of your mouth, and I understand the concept of bringing a baby into this world, I just can't believe that it is actually happening to me. 




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